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Thursday, 17 February 2011

'About Me' and the perils of finding photos that fit.

Hello world.

I figured I should probably actually write something in here so that it's not just a blank-ass blog page with a bunch of links on it :D. So I am dedicating my first post to the blog creation process!

First thing that I would like to say is SCREW YOU BLOGSPOT. Restricting your background picture size limit to 300kb and then saying that if you want a full-page background the picture must be 1800x1600 or above? Bad. Show. It took me forever* to find a photo that fit both of these requirements.

So then came the fun fun fun task of writing an 'About Me' section. I hate writing about myself at the best of times, but usually I can get away with being totally self-deprecating and pass it off as being cynical and sarcastic. But this is more like writing a Personal Statement. I'm sure all of you know how bloody hard it is to write a Personal Statement without making it seem like you're totally up your own arse. I did have several suggestions, of course. One of which was, 'I like moaning and getting on Adam's tits :D', which was nice of him >.>. Other than that, there was very little of use. Another friend of mine suggested I write a list of Things Franki Likes. Except that would be boring and things.

Um um um. I am now under pressure from the Super-Awesome-and-Wonderful Fudgecrumpet to get posting, so I shall have to cut this short. Later I will discuss how Adelle is fabulous and amazing and cool and things.

Song for the day: Rilo Kiley - Portions for Foxes

*Note: Not actually forever. More like two hours. Which is still a long time just to find a picture of a panda.

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