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Friday, 18 February 2011

Crisis Averted

Hello again world!

So last night I went to visit my big sister who is getting married in May. She was having a dress crisis, having spent £1400 on an Alice Temperley dress a few months ago that is two sizes too big for her (but which, of course, can be altered and things). She decided on Wednesday that she didn't like it any more since the one photo of it that exists on the internet doesn't make it look particularly great, so she was on a 'I need a new dress!' kick. Mother and me went to go and talk her out of it, because, y'know, she's not going to get that £1400 back for it. We were largely successful in our endeavour (crisis averted!), and we got a tasty pasta bolognese out of it. Huzzah!

However, there is still another dilemma, and that is to do with my own dress. Now, I am at the point right now where I am pretty happy with my weight (need to lose another stone or two since I've put one on since Christmas/New Year), but I am also blessed with hips and a chest the size of Norway. Those things make dress finding very difficult. I can't get away with wearing the same kind of thing that my twin sister, who is a size 6/8 and built like a supermodel, can get away with. I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing anything that involves me wearing a strapless bra, since, y'know, I don't want to be spending the whole day pulling up a bra. That doesn't rule them out completely - if I find a fit fit fit strapless or one-shoulder dress, I'll wear it - but it means I'd rather wear straps.

I actually found a few nice ones that would be perfect...if I wasn't 6'0". I seem to be needing to bang my head against a wall trying to find something nice, since I am the pickiest person ever when it comes to clothes shopping. Plus it has to coordinate with twinnie's dress, as well as fit in with the general hippy-chic theme of the wedding (camper vans and vintage teacups, that kind of thing).

Soooo I should probably get on with doing some actual work now.

Song for the day: Regina Spektor - Poor Little Rich Boy


  1. I know I keep saying it, but Bravissimo is my best dress-friend. I found something that fits all my fussy criteria and accommodates E-cup boobs without swamping my waist / making me look pregnant.

  2. I am literally the pickiest person ever when it comes to buying clothes. If there's something even slightly wrong with a dress, I won't buy it. It makes my life incredibly difficult >.<